Hello Guys.

Hello Guys.

Beitragvon David Riley » 28. Februar 2018, 22:14

Hello everybody.
My name is David from England and i am new to this forum.
Let me try to introduce myself and a bit about my biking interests.
I am 52 years old and have been riding bikes since my early teens.
I like bikes a bit out of the ordinary and owned everything from a tuned vmax to a casal 50cc moped!
I currently own a Yamaha XSR700, a Kawasaki H1F triple and a Early Kawasaki H1a which i have rebuilt in a flattracker theme check it out on the following link -(www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2017/july/s ... asaki-h1a/) i hope you check the link out and you like it.
Anyway getting back to the SZR i am in the process of rebuilding a fairly rough SZR which i am busy rebuilding in a striped down unfaired streetfighter theme which is coming along nicely all the framework/wheels are in satin black with the minimal body work to be in a yellow & black Yamaha speedblock design. I will do a article on the rebuild when finished which i hope all you guys on this forum will appreciate.
I will hopefully be regular on this forum seeking advise and help from you guys who will hold a lot more knowledge than i have on the SZR. Hopefully too once i am up to speed with the workings of the bike i can offer advise too to others needing help.

David Riley
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Re: Hello Guys.

Beitragvon Tarwetijger » 1. März 2018, 15:10

Black and yellow eh?
Are you familiar with this example?
http://www.motor-forum.nl/forum/list_me ... cer-3.html
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Re: Hello Guys.

Beitragvon David Riley » 1. März 2018, 15:55

Hello there.

No i've never seen that one very nice it is too and no mine will look nothing like that one.
All will be revealed one day! :D

David Riley
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Re: Hello Guys.

Beitragvon h1 » 1. März 2018, 19:05

Hi Dave!

Welcome to this area ;) Nice 2-Stroke engine you´ve there!!

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Re: Hello Guys.

Beitragvon dennis121181 » 1. März 2018, 22:59

Welcome Dave.
Really nice and lovely 2 stroke.

LG Dennis
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Re: Hello Guys.

Beitragvon Juergen » 7. März 2018, 10:13

Good Morning Dave,
a very warm welcome from the SZR "Wranglers" here :!:
Really nice 2-stroke "Klappersaki" you made from all these former boxing :shock:
My favourite 2-stroke is Kawas Avenger A7 (early ones until ´69 with the old stylish Headlamp cover),
but really hard to find the "right" one for me - so 900r must get along with SZR since 17 years now ;)
What a luck, I am the one who gets on in years - bikes getting more and more interesting/fascinating :oops:
It would be nice to read about yours SZR conversion/s soon 8-)

2-Wheeler Greets, Juergen ;)
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