RR Ölthermometer

RR Ölthermometer

Beitragvon GUZZUS » 20. Mai 2014, 20:48

RR Ölthermometer
I would like to install RR Ölthermometer, some of you to experience having tried?
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Re: RR Ölthermometer

Beitragvon GBrodnig » 2. Juni 2014, 12:44

Think that theme was discussed already. Conclusio:

1. There is no need and doesn´t make real sense to install a oil temperature gauge.

2. While riding the bike it is quite hard to catch a look at the RR oiltempmeter moreover.

I took another way: Bought an (used) genuine water temperature sensor (1/8" NPT thread) and an "KOSO" adapter screw from DetlevLouis and fixed both instead of oil drain plug.
Farther I used one cable line upwards and a toggle switch, which i fixed in the near of the water temp gauge. Now I can press the switch in order to see either water temperature or oil temperature displayed both on the original water temp meter. It works well, and, to tell the truth: There is no need to install an oil temperature meter.

In order to spare money and weight you better forget ist.

KR Gabriel
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