Coolant pipe

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Coolant pipe

Beitragvon CanUK » 22. Juli 2019, 15:14

So this coolant pipe (exits the head) clearly needs replacing but seems to be No Longer Available:


Anyone had any luck sourcing one for reasonable money, or am I the only unlucky soul?

Low mileage bike, and I did't get to ride it too long before it sprung a leak in the radiator (clogged with rust maybe, though can't see any in it). Guessing someone may have put straight tap water in at some point, or maybe the wrong coolant? :cry:

Also considering replacing my radiator with one of the cheap ones off ebay for an SV650 - similar dimensions and same number of rows. Reasonably simple swap (while integrating the cooling system mods), or am I being thick? I'm conscious the brackets won't be a direct fit. Example: ... SwdUVdHbK4
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Re: Coolant pipe

Beitragvon Tarwetijger » 28. Juli 2019, 20:58

I cant compare the size but it looks a lot like the pipe that is on the cilinder head of TRXs: ... T3v5xpNehA

I wish I would have know the suggestion of alu SV650 radiator earlier!
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