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Hello Guys.

BeitragVerfasst: 28. Februar 2018, 22:14
von David Riley
Hello everybody.
My name is David from England and i am new to this forum.
Let me try to introduce myself and a bit about my biking interests.
I am 52 years old and have been riding bikes since my early teens.
I like bikes a bit out of the ordinary and owned everything from a tuned vmax to a casal 50cc moped!
I currently own a Yamaha XSR700, a Kawasaki H1F triple and a Early Kawasaki H1a which i have rebuilt in a flattracker theme check it out on the following link -( ... asaki-h1a/) i hope you check the link out and you like it.
Anyway getting back to the SZR i am in the process of rebuilding a fairly rough SZR which i am busy rebuilding in a striped down unfaired streetfighter theme which is coming along nicely all the framework/wheels are in satin black with the minimal body work to be in a yellow & black Yamaha speedblock design. I will do a article on the rebuild when finished which i hope all you guys on this forum will appreciate.
I will hopefully be regular on this forum seeking advise and help from you guys who will hold a lot more knowledge than i have on the SZR. Hopefully too once i am up to speed with the workings of the bike i can offer advise too to others needing help.


Re: Hello Guys.

BeitragVerfasst: 1. März 2018, 15:10
von Tarwetijger
Black and yellow eh?
Are you familiar with this example? ... cer-3.html

Re: Hello Guys.

BeitragVerfasst: 1. März 2018, 15:55
von David Riley
Hello there.

No i've never seen that one very nice it is too and no mine will look nothing like that one.
All will be revealed one day! :D


Re: Hello Guys.

BeitragVerfasst: 1. März 2018, 19:05
von h1
Hi Dave!

Welcome to this area ;) Nice 2-Stroke engine you´ve there!!

Re: Hello Guys.

BeitragVerfasst: 1. März 2018, 22:59
von dennis121181
Welcome Dave.
Really nice and lovely 2 stroke.

LG Dennis

Re: Hello Guys.

BeitragVerfasst: 7. März 2018, 10:13
von Juergen
Good Morning Dave,
a very warm welcome from the SZR "Wranglers" here :!:
Really nice 2-stroke "Klappersaki" you made from all these former boxing :shock:
My favourite 2-stroke is Kawas Avenger A7 (early ones until ´69 with the old stylish Headlamp cover),
but really hard to find the "right" one for me - so 900r must get along with SZR since 17 years now ;)
What a luck, I am the one who gets on in years - bikes getting more and more interesting/fascinating :oops:
It would be nice to read about yours SZR conversion/s soon 8-)

2-Wheeler Greets, Juergen ;)